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Men's Open League

Inishowen Current Champions

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Toddler Town OPEN . 

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1/2 Price Morning FITNESS Program's at MARINA BAY SPORTSPLEX, Spinning & Dance Exercise








Driving Range & Golf Simulators Open

Virtual GOLF Tee Times Available.     Format & Registration(click)     Call today for available times and dates: 617-479-8700

Check back with us for class announcements in Nov at Marina Bay Links and Todd Cook our Head Professional will be hosting the 2nd Annual Golf Expo.  Class offerings and programs for all ages and experience levels will be made.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we will help you improve your skills, your fitness, and knowldege of the game.  All of our classes are run by professional golfers with low trainer to participant ratios and use the latest in technology and techniques to take your game to the next level.  Below is a summary of our programs, classes from this past winter.   


Below is our 2015 Winter 1st Year's Completed GOLF Offerings


Check Back with Us in Oct for exciting Group and Individual 2016 Winter Instructions

  • SESSION 2:  FEB 23RD – APR 2ND
  • 4:1 STUDENT TO INSTRUCTOR RATIO  (*Fit Classes may differ)


ADULT LEARN TO GOLF   (Meets twice weekly…Mon & Wed…1:45-3:00pm)

This class is for new players with little or no golfing experience.  Players will learn the fundamentals of grip, stance, posture and balance for the swing while being introduced to other facets of the game such as putting, short game, rules, etiquette & terminology as well as course care and procedures. 

AFTER SCHOOL LEARN TO GOLF  (Mon 3:45-5pm or Wed 3:45-5pm)

This class is for students in GRADES 1-7.  Learn to Golf will either quickly introduce your child to the game or bolster the abilities and knowledge that they already possess.  Etiquette & course safety are also points of focus in this class.  Students will learn to swing both by hitting balls and indirectly through the use of other sports & equipment.  More skilled students will have the opportunity to advance to specific skills needed to hit shots from different lies.  Swing techniques specific to each student will be addressed and golf conditioning will be introduced more formally in each class.


This class is for students in GRADES 7-12.  It is for the experienced junior golfer with aspirations to advance their game to the next level whether they be looking ahead to playing High School or College Golf, local tournaments or simply getting better.  Elements of good practice and conditioning will be a major focus of this program along with an introduction to the mental side of the game.

CORE GOLF – GOLF FOR GOLFERS   (Thu 2:00-3:30pm)

This class is for already established golfers.  Students will revisit the importance of fundamentals while getting brief but specific instruction about their own swings.  Students will learn the importance of warm-up and injury prevention while establishing proper practice techniques for the all parts of the game.  We will also go into some of the mental aspects of the game and each student’s ability to perform under pressure.

EARLY START GOLFERS  (Mon 12:30-1:30pm)

This class is for children AGES 4-6 years (Pre-school & Kindergarten).  We anticipate this class to be your child’s first introduction to the game of golf and we plan to have them see the enjoyment in it.  We will introduce them to golf and the basic skills necessary for all athletic development using golf and near-golf equipment and techniques.

GOLF MOMS  (Thu 12:30-1:45pm)

No need to be a MOM, but this class is for LADIES ONLY and happens take place just before the kids get out of school.  This class is designed to help new and less experienced female golfers.  Fundamentals of grip, stance and swing will be introduced and/or refreshed along with all facets of the golf but primarily, students will learn to how to have fun playing the game in a social environment.



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Shuttle Service available from North Quincy T Station to Marina Bay Monday - Friday

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